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主讲人:Philippa Marrack教授 美国科学院院士

题 目:B cell heterogeneity


Philippa Marrack是世界著名的免疫学研究者,她在T细胞领域的开创性工作使人类对免疫系统、疫苗、HIV和其他免疫疾病的本质有了更加深入的认知。

四十多年来,她和丈夫John Kappler一直专注于揭示免疫系统的奥妙:当免疫系统工作时,它如何保护大家免受外部威胁?当免疫系统发生故障时,它如何导致自身免疫和过敏?他们鉴定并分离了T细胞受体——免疫应答的主要前哨分子;他们发现了身体如何制造和选择有效的T细胞,这些T细胞能够识别和攻击潜在的有害外来抗原,同时不攻击自身组织;他们还发现了超抗原,这些超抗原毒素能引起如中毒性休克综合症和食物中毒等严重的免疫应答疾病。

Philippa Marrack出生于英国,获剑桥大学生物科学哲学博士学位,发表了超过450篇同行评议的期刊文章。她于1989年入选美国国家科学院院士,1997年入选英国皇家学会的会员,2015年入选国家妇女名人堂。Marrack同时入选了美国艺术与科学院、美国医学研究院院士。她和丈夫一起还获得了包括路易莎?格罗斯?霍维茨奖和沃尔夫医学奖在内的许多高声望荣誉。

Brief Introduction of Professor Philippa Marrack

Philippa Marrack is a world-renowned immunology researcher whose groundbreaking work on T-cells has impacted the health of people across the world. Her findings shape medicine’s current understanding of the human immune system, vaccines, HIV, and other immune disorders.

For more than four decades together with her husband, John Kappler, she has, and continues to, unraveled the mysteries of the immune system; how it protects us from external threats when it is working and how it can lead to autoimmunity and allergies when it malfunctions. They identified and isolated the T-cell receptor, a primary sentinel for the immune response. They learned how the body makes and selects an effective array of T cells that recognize and attack potentially harmful foreign proteins while leaving the body's own tissues alone. They discovered superantigens, virulent toxins that cause an overwhelming and disastrous immune response that occurs in maladies such as toxic shock syndrome and food poisoning.

Born in England, Marrack earned her doctorate of philosophy degree in biological sciences at Cambridge University. During her career, Marrack has published more than 450 peer-reviewed journal articles. She has been a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences since 1989, a fellow of the Royal Society in Great Britain since 1997 and was elected to National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2015. Marrack is also a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the U.S. Institute of Medicine. Together with his husband, she has won numerous prestigious awards including the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize and Wolf Prize in Medicine.

发布单位: 科学技术发展研究院

发布日期: 2018-09-03


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